The Truth & Reality Of XXXTentacion Gets Revealed On A New Documentary (WATCH VIDEO)

Late rapper Jahseh Onfroy famously known as XXXTentacion will have a documentary about his life released which will take fans through his life from a young person until the time of his death.

The love fans had of X didn’t die with him in fact he is still one of the top selling rappers even in his death. According to the little shared on a 40 second clip it is stated that there was a difference between X and Jahseh meaning on the Documentary people will get to see the two sides of the rapper.

“There’s definitely a difference between Jahseh Onfroy and XXXTentacion,” he says in the trailer. “This is the story, this is the full story, this is the last time I’ma tell it.”

Last week Forbes reported that his single “Sad!” had passed the 1 billion-stream mark on Spotify.

“Now that ‘Sad!’ has joined that still-exclusive club, XXXTentacion has become the first musician to posthumously see one of their most popular tunes hit the 10-digit mark, a strange feat that no artist aims to snag, but which is a sign that their art is still immensely popular even after they are gone,” the publication said.

No dates have been released for either the new music or the documentary.

Watch Trailer:

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