The Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Synthetic Urine


Synthetic urine is a mixture of water with other inorganic and organic components such as phosphate, urea, chlorides, and artificially manufactured products. Synthetic urine was created for use in laboratory applications. However, people realized that there are more reasons for this synthetic blend. The mixture acquired the name synthetic from its ability to simulate the physical characteristics and chemical properties of human urine. There is only one lab, which creates the synthetic biocide formula. The difference between natural and synthetic urine is the purity. People purchase synthetic urine for some reasons. Here are the top three reasons to invest in synthetic urine.


  • Pass Drug Tests. Synthetic urine can help you pass a drug test. If drugs contaminate your body, and you need to take a drug test, the results will not be so good. For this reason, many people tend to go out of their way to buy synthetic urine to pass a drug test since it is almost impossible to detect the fraud, which can save you a lot of trouble. The urine makes sure that you maintain your privacy on what you enjoy using to get high.
  • Science and testing. Laboratory experiments were the initial intended use of synthetic urine. In science, the urine can be used for many scientific purposes, which start from developing new urine tests concerning different diseases to preparing for a mission to Mars. Medical students also use synthetic urine to conduct experiments and urinary tests. As for the testing purposes, synthetic urine is used for urine testing equipment calibration, diapers testing, and cleaning agents testing. The mixture is also ideal for alternative medicine and cosmetology. In addition, it also has a long shelf life that makes it easy to store and transport.
  • Pranks and Games. Another reason why people purchase synthetic urine is to prank their friends and play some $exual games. You can prank your friend by pouring the urine on their bed so that they think they wet themselves when asleep. You can use it to fulfill some fetishes or $exual fantasies. Synthetic urine is safe to use for these pranks and games since it is a hygienic option.


Other uses of synthetic urine may include using it as an animal repellent. You can use animal repellent for gardening and keeping pests away. You can also use it for hunting and keeping the predators away. Many people find it difficult to find a store to buy synthetic urine. You can always go online and search for sites such as Some local head shops also sell the mixture, but they do so in a discreet manner. The site offers a variety of synthetic blend, which comes with extra features such as discreet packaging and billing. The site also provides synthetic urine with a balanced pH and gravity and guarantees that you will pass any drug screening. Before buying synthetic urine, make sure you read some online reviews to find what might suit you.  

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