The Secret Most Nigerian Pastors Will Never Reveal to You About Tithing

Tithing should be a common practice in the life of every Christian. But many of us have chosen to ignore this act and go about spending every dim out of our monthly salaries without giving God the 10% he asked for.

While so many Christians have zipped off on submitting their tithes to God entirely without any reason, some others have ignored tithing because of the numerous scam-mish men of God found everywhere in the Country; being of the belief that these men of God are out to siphon struggling Christians of their hard earned money in the name of tithes.

While this might be true in some cases, it shouldn’t be the excuse that will keep you away from bringing your tithe into the house of the lord.

Back to the tithing issue. I was reading my Bible one day and I came across the second part of the bible that the holy book talked about tithing. The passage struck up some ideas that kept me thinking.

Reading through Deuteronomy 14, you will come across deep rules and regulations concerning tithes in the Bible. This rules and regulations went so deep to reveal the true meaning and the main reasons why people should take their tithing very serious and also that part of the scripture in a way jeopardized the self-interest most pastors use the church member’s tithes for.

While the first part and the common passage of the bible that pastors will always preach about tithing from, Malachi 3:8, focused on the juicy part of tithing and also brings to the surface the part of tithing that favors the interest of pastors so much.

When you take a good look at Deuteronomy 14 when God was giving the children of Israelite rules and regulations, God explained the concept or reason for tithe to them and gave those rules to abide in regards to it, from verse 22 downwards explains it so well.

Then you also go to Deuteronomy 26:12 downwards, the same rule was also repeated, and am very sure that the reason why God said that we should bring our tithes and offering in Malachi 3:10 was for the actualization of his rules and regulation in Deuteronomy, which is feeding the Levites, poor, widows and the needy in the society.

So, now I ask, why do most pastors prefer Malachi even to the extent of twisting it to favor their aims instead of giving their church members the full concept, rules, and regulations regarding tithing which the Lord commanded in Deuteronomy. Is it that they want to enjoy the full packages (tithes) that comes into the church alone, leaving out the other group of people the bible also pointed they should benefit from our church tithes?

I am just asking though. Our Sunday school teachers should add their thoughts.

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