In all sphere of life, there is always ups and downs but for the sultry Nollywod actress, Kate Henshaw whose marriage to Mr. Nuptall has collapsed irreconcilably recently disclosed the pains an

d gains of her career.

My Pains

‘’The pain is the press, I’m not complaining though. It comes with the territory, like it or not. To the credit of the Nigerian press, we are not even having it bad here like Hollywood. Hollywood, they will come hang on your tree, check your dustbin. What did you eat last time? For instance, look at Kate, the wife of Prince Williams; they followed her to where she’s relaxing her body with her husband. It’s not as if she was with another man. Her body is all over the place. It comes with the territory. Once you are in the limelight, there is nowhere to hide. You must go through that fire. It’s either it makes you stronger, makes you depress or it makes you say ‘hey! Let’s all go there!’

My Gains

Then the gains, it goes without saying. People want to do stuffs for you. You want to see somebody and nobody is going to stop you. You meet people that ordinarily if you see them you won’t even have access to them. The gains are just innumerable. I remember going to the airport, and I was trying to buy some perfumes, over at least 500 pounds worth. I was about to pay and one man said, you are Kate Henshaw? I will pay for that. And the girl at the counter, said, ‘do you know him?’ and I said know. And she said, ‘wow! I will like someone to do that for me.’’

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