The Devastating State Of Nigeria’s Education 1

Hello friends, I trust you are well as always. I haven’t change, your friend, the Preacherpen again. I will be questioning the present and past government concerning the education system in this country. I want you to know that Government consists of all of us indirectly or directly. The Government comprises of people who take orders from people in the place of authority. There are levels in Government. Let me stop there.

I will be discussing lengthily about the Education system in Nigeria and where we got it wrong. I trust you to follow me closely to fully be informed about this content. Nigerian education began during the British reign. The British missionaries founded those schools to enhance learning before the British governor-general founded more schools. Those schools were created by the British to help there wards academically and it used to be expensive to attend except the missionary schools. I remembered vividly that the C.M.S grammar school in Badagry was created by missionary to help people acquire knowledge. Don’t forget that English hasn’t become our official language then. It was local dialect people speak, so the only way the white could communicate is to teach them English.

As time goes on, the first university was founded in 1948 before the creation of the institution Yabatech has been in operation. Gradually during the British time they took Education seriously because the only way to wipe out illiteracy is to introduce Education for the both the young, old, rich and poor. The adults took evening class so as to communicate to the British lord.

The university of Ibadan was created in 1948 one of the school that still mountain its ancient building in Nigeria. The University of Ibadan has a unique style and they still maintain this moment. The alumni are always filled with ego wherever they get to. Actually I didn’t dispute that, they deserve it. The school will still be my dream school though there are better schools in Africa. The likes of Emeritus Professor Wole Soyinka is a product from this noble university. The literature master, I love his activism. The only Nobel laureate holder of literature Nigeria ever has. I think the legacy the British laid down is still the path the university still follows.

The university British created in Nigeria before independence the University of Ibadan. People from other western countries visited the university to acquire knowledge.


The Educational system before independent was fantastic though the percent that went to school can’t be comparing to the high number of people thirsting for university knowledge. Before independence, teachers were highly respected in the society, satisfied and well paid. What happened?

I will stop here today and continue from here next time. I remain the preacher. Blessed!

(Jeremiah Oluwaferanmi is a public analyst based in Ibadan).

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