The Carter Family Photo Album: Beyonce and Jay-Z Show Us More of Blue Ivy

Thanksgiving  is a day to spend time with the people you’re thankful for and eat until your heart’s content. Over the holiday weekend Beyonce and Jay-Z  (people we’re very thankful for) showed us an intimate side of their lives by sharing photos of their Thanksgiving dinner and even a few of baby Blue Ivy. The superstar ‘rents have made sure to keep their daughter out of the spotlight, and instead of all those impersonal paparazzi shots they rather share their own images in their own intimate way via Tumblr. We can basically feel the warmth radiating from these photos and can’t get over Blue’s adorable full head of hair. Beyonce also wished us all a “Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving” from her family in a Tumblr note.

Let’s all collectively give a sigh of “Aww” and hope to be just like them one day as we lovingly look at these adorable photos of the royal family.

[Photo: Tumblr]

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