Terry G Under Heavy Attack Over Cartoon On Islam

terry G

Energetic singer, Terry G, may have stepped on the wrong toes over his recent post on his Instagram page on Wednesday (today) to promote his latest single, ‘Totori.’

The singer shared the video of a cartoon image reciting Islamic prayers, which some of his fans found offensive.

There have been calls from some of them for the immediate removal of the video, while others have warned him never to make jest of Islam and Allah.

“You don’t go around messing up with Islam, it’s wrong man. Not funny though,” one of his followers advised.

“But why people be like this sha, do you know the meaning of what he said even though it’s funny and I doubt if any of you even say SAW when He call the Prophet’s name. Terry G, You might delete this though because some fans might take it wrongly just as you have been reading it. Bless up man!”

“Imagine what’s gonna happen if you lose your pure water company and technically never get to perform on a show or sign a contract for 2 years.

“You will start blaming it on your enemies forgetting that u ever did something this uncool that pissed Allah off. Delete this man (show some love to your Muslim fans and do it) Terry G, love your flows till I go 6feet below.”

“Bro I love your flows but what you did is wrong, it’s not proper man, try to amend this by deleting the post. Don’t mess with God man,” other comments read.

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