Tee-Y Mix – It’s Okay To Reminisce?


Very quickly, lets have a little heart to heart. Basically everyone is allowed to reminisce, hold on to that amazing trail you left in the past. Well, the ‘Amazing’ is pretty diversified since getting to where you have pictured involves the investment of hard work, time, focus and disappointments. Hey! The contents I invested in what I do is paying off. We aren’t where we want to be but we have left where we use to be.

The smile on my face is broader than my thought and I am loving where I am headed, doing what I always want to do and living the DREAM . We all need that special thing that puts a smile on our face, a smile that touches the heart, and I have just found and had mine. Just so you know, its one of the many hearty smiles you will see on my face this year. And you know that extra thing that gets me all excited? Its VIVACE! We are going Tick Tock in a speed. Roger that? Keep the dream alive and put a smile on your face, its for free.


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