Tanzanian Bishop Gwajima Sex Tape Leaks

A popular Tanzanian cleric Bishop Gwajima sex tape leaked over the internet and it has since gone viral across various platforms.
Tanzanian Bishop Gwajima sex tape allegedly leaks - Cleric reacts lailasnews`
The renowned pastor Bishop Gwajima of Ufufuo and Uzima Ministries was allegedly caught red handed having sex with a young lady who was reported to be a member of his church.

The man of God is reported to be one of the most trusted men of God in Tanzania and of has several churches under his ministries.

Social media users who have sighted the Bishop Gwajima sex tape claim that the pastor filmed the video himself and surprisingly the lady seen in the video is not his girlfriend/wife but a young lady from his church.

However Bishop Gwajima in his reaction to the viral video, claimed that he wasn’t the person in the clip and it was just the work of mischievous people who are bent on silencing him over the coming election in his country.

“This is pure character assassination. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a decent husband, father and religious leader with about 400 churches under my care across the country” he said

He whoever mentioned that he is aware of the person behind the video leakage and vowed to fight him.

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