Stupid Things Artistes Do—Beautiful Nubia

Beautiful Nubia

Obviously the digital world has made things easy for everybody, especially entertainers, who now use the avenue to let their fans have access to their songs.

While some artistes make their songs available for free on the digital platform, others request for money.

In Nigeria, artistes put their singles on the internet for free downloads, but for Beautiful Nubia, anyone that likes his songs should be ready to pay to get them.

According to him, “I think there are some sites that help artistes sell their songs. What these young artistes do is that they will go and record their own songs. They put it in a CD and then take it to Alaba, and pay Alaba marketers to put their songs in compilation CD’s.

“Then they now go on Facebook to post their music. They now beg people to please download their music for free. That I find so strange. Any music that is worth its salt should be sold and not given out free.”

He continued, “Some people ask me, ‘please where can I download your music for free?’ I ask them if there is anything wrong with them. If you want my music, you have to pay for it. Another thing that baffles me is that they will still pay some people at radio stations to play their songs. The big issue is unemployment.

“These youth have energy, they have to burn it somewhere. When they see a mediocre artiste making millions and going on tour for a telecommunications company, they believe they can do it too.”

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