“Stupid mocks fool” – Habiba Abubakar Lambasts Jonathan, Tambuwal


The founder, Foundation for the Elderly and the Poor (EAP)Ambassador, Habiba Abubakar, wrote a letter to president Goodluck Jonathan, Senate President, Distinguished David Mark, and speaker of the house, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal on 26/October/2013. Till now, the President and the speaker of House of Representatives have intentionally chosen to ignore what will benefit the average Nigerian. Thanks to the Senate President, David Mark, who did not only respond but also forwarded it to comity of health for further consideration.

Habiba                             Habiba Abubakar, the chairperson, Elderly and the Poor

President Jonathan transformation agenda is laughable as his primary concentration is repairing of roads, airports, and other things that will benefit mostly those who are already in the upper class in the society.Could one think of transformation agenda without thinking of the elderly, the children and the poor? I am sure not as these group of people are those that really need transformation. If Nigeria chose to be the most develop country in the world without paying attention to what will benefit the ordinary people, i will consider my great country the poorest of all.

According to Nelson Mandela, there is a certain level of poverty you can endure. In Nigeria, poverty has engulf so many that it leads to the deterioration of health. People say health is wealth and when the health becomes terrible, you spend the little you have to strive and stay alive. Hospital bill in Nigeria is unbearable as the price to perform an operation is equivalent or more than the money you need to buy a plot of land in the villages.

I was surprised when i read a man like Aminu Tambuwal, the speaker of the house of representative lambasting the President. Nigeria is a country where stupid mocks fool. It has been revealed over the years that Politicians do not care about their own people. Even the great legend, Michael jackson sang a song titled ” They don’t really care about us” after observing the abandonment of those who we entrusted our lives and properties with, betraying us.

Meanwhile, the government who were supposed to know their primary responsibilities are busy involving themselves in drug trafficking, oil looting, getting richer and abandoning those that matters a lot in the society. And his Ministers buying expensive cars for themselves when they had never ever bought a car of 20 million with there own hard earned money before they came to the office and yet Goodluck being the first bad luck of Nigeria, cannot do away with such ministers. And with that amount they are spending, it will go along way in buying drugs for our elderly people.

In the letter I wrote to the President, I stressed that many youths of today do many things they are not proud of in order to assist their age parents medically.

I suggested that President Jonathan should sponsor a bill that will make it mandatory for all arms of government, Federal, State, and Local Government to provide free medical care for elderly people in the various parts of the country. A good initiative that was supposed to be warmly welcomed by the president and Tambuwal has been completely ignored as it does not yield the usual profit to their pocket. What is more important than the health of people

National Assembly, Aminu Tambuwal and his people refused to pass the health bill while they are busy passing a law that will benefit them, e.g, allowing public office holders to operate foreign bank accounts. (very funny). We are watching all of you, and we will all show you who we are in 2015. Who amongst Nigerian politicians will get a burial like that of Madiba? I will rather go to Amigo to drink ice cream than to come out to bid you farewell on your death.


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