SPORT:“There is no bad blood between Messi and Villa” – Vilanova

Barcelona coach, Tito Vilanova, has asked the media not to build anything out of the apparent bust-up, between Lionel Messi and David Villa, in Saturday’s game against Grenada. Villa appeared to exchange words with the Argentine, after he failed to pass the ball to him, as Barca got more and more frustrated in the game.“There is nothing to gather [from what happened between Villa and Messi],” Vilanova said at his post-match press conference. “Whoever plays football knows discussions are a normality, and part of the game.”

“Such occurrences are common signs that a team is alive. Not exchanging views for betterment would honestly suggest worse.

“What was important was to make it 15 points out of 15.
“I don’t feel pressure, or any obligations. I knew what would be asked of me from the start, and I dared to try my hand.

“The key tonight was scoring the first goal, which helped open up their side. We put in a great performance tonight nevertheless.”

Messi also appeared on Barca TV to deny having issues with his team mate.
“Do not look for problems where there are none. Villa and I get along very well, it was just normal banter during games.”
Barca won the game 2-0, thanks to a late Xavi goal and Borja Gomez’s own goal.

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