“So Because I Sleep Unclad Next To A Guy, $ex Must Happen?” – Young Lady

The topic on Rap£ and consent has been going on for a while and the debate has always been “Her No means NO” whether or not, she led you on to the point that you want to get down with her, or that you’re already getting down and then she refuses to go any further.

Scenarios that could be possibly lead to Rap£ have discussed a lot and a Twitter user has brought another angle and asks if it’s a must that $ex must happen because of that scene.

According to @hrp_endowed on Twitter, the fact that a lady sleeps Unclad next to a guy shouldn’t prompt $ex – she says that Self Control is what most men need in this age and time.

Read what she wrote…

So because I sleep Unclad next to a guy, $ex must happen I beg to differ please.

Self control is just what most of you need, pathetic lot!

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