Smoking And Dropping The Picture On Social Media Is Inappropriate, Fans Blast Nigerian Rapper,Yung6ix



One of Nigeria’s silent young rapper, Yung6ix, is better known for his drinking habits both before going on set, during and after. But little is known about his smoking prowess which has now become deeper as the day goes by that he now flaunts it on social media.

Recently, the rapper took to his social media page to post a picture of himself smoking in the studio with well-arranged money displayed on the table with the caption ‘when I was making money you were singing Dorobucci.’

This post is actually not going down well with some of his fans, has they have criticized his attitude which they feel might affect some kids who sees him as a role model.

Here are some of the tongue lashing from fans;

dansegun: For me I feel smoking and dropping the pic on social media is inappropriate…. Yes you might have made it as you think but you should remember some kids take you as a role model, as you know instagram is for anybody no age discrimination….always watch your moves as a public figure, it pays to be humble in all ramification..

pweetyflower @dansegun I totally agree with you. I still don’t understand the motives behind all these. Peeps be like “they can do whatever they like it’s their life but what about your fans who look up to you?? Think man!


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