How Shy People Flirt

1. Silent Witness
Shy people will gladly take part in a conversation with their crush, but only as far as listening goes! You might notice that a shy person will never ask questions or delve deeper into your personality or interests – they just simply don’t have the courage! Shy people will instead satisfy their curiosity by asking other people about you, or by checking out your social media pages for more information.

2. Cell Phone Flirting
You probably realize by now that shy people aren’t too great with the whole “flirting face-to-face thing”. Another trick shy people use to flirt with is their cell phone or computer. They will find it extremely easy to be flirtatious over text message or via a chat session, but as soon as you see them in person they act disinterested or pretend they didn’t see you just to avoid any awkwardness.

3. Favour Galore
Have you got a shy friend who seems to always go out of their way to help you? Looks like this friend might have a little bit of a crush on you! Shy people will often do favors for the person they like, however they will mask these favors as simply “just trying to help out / be nice”. To shy people, this is flirting.

4. The Friends Blanket
Shy people seem so confident and sure of their feelings towards their crush whilst they are with their friends, but then as soon as it’s just one-on-one time with their crush, they become all shy again! Shy people will often use their friends as a safety blanket, so if you find they act disinterested or distant while they’re alone with you, this just means they find it hard to flirt without the back-up of their friends.

5. Laughing
We’ve all come across someone like this – the person who laughs at absolutely everything! Often this laughter is a nervous laugh from a shy person, who feels that if they laugh at everything their crush says or does, then it will come across as flirting.

6. Starring
Shy people sometimes even work up the courage to stare at their crush – gasp! The only problem with staring is that it has a 50/50 chance of being successful. Either the person being stared at will think it is a compliment because they find the person staring at them to be quite attractive, or stranger-danger alarm bells will ring in their head and they will find it creepy.

7. Stalking.
While some shy people can only work up the courage to send a friend request on Facebook to their crush, others take it a little step further and may come across as being “stalkerish”. This often includes multiple ‘likes’ of photos, statuses, wall posts, etc. The biggest hint that you’ve got an avid, but shy, fan on your hands? When they like your photos or statuses from years ago…

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