[SHOCKING DETAILS] Husband Exposes His Wife’s S£xual Escapades


Guys, don’t get it twisted, majority of the ladies you see on the road these days are not wife materials at all. If you make the mistake of marrying any of those tight-trouser wearing girls who package themselves as good girls, you will just be setting yourself up for some serious crisis. Watch it!

Any man who want to enjoy marriage today should go quietly to a family with real values and marry, even if the lady in that family don’t have big oranges and ikebe, spend your money on her to make her as beautiful as you want and live your life in peace. All these I-too-know girls can never be good wives.

As you read this, a big businessman has dragged his wife to a Customary Court, seeking the dissolution of their marriage over “serial adultery with several men” she met on social media.

The husband revealed that he caught his wife with one Benson Onyechere, his junior in school, who usually speak with her on phone but when he caught her, she replaced his name with that of a female.

The husband, who pleaded with the court to dissolve the union, said that he had caught his wife with several men at different times.

He said his wife uses the social media platforms, especially WhatsApp to connect with many men who are now her “man friends and concubines.”

The husband told the court he had the printouts of the adulterous communications and pictures, including private ones where they recorded pictures of their private parts and other amorous messages.

The printouts of the ‘compromising’ pictures on WhatsApp, and conversation with one of her Lagos-based man friend who is the one connecting her with men and the NOKIA C3 with which he carried out the act were admitted by the court president, Mr. Joseph Ogunsemi, and marked as exhibits.

This married lady has the numbers of different men she is doing things with on her phone and saved their names with female names like Bola, Nkem, etc. The court had no choice but to grant the divorce.

May God save us from shameless characters who are parading themselves as wives these days. Amen!

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