Shocking Confession!!!! ‘Why I Have S*x With Dogs’ – 27-Year-Old Man Reveals (SEE Photo)


A 27-year-old robbery suspect has revealed that he usually had s*x with his dogs for spiritual powers
before going for any robbery operation in Lagos State,western Nigeria.

The suspect, Bala Yayah, said his success in most of his robbery operations was because he usually had s*x with dogs.

The Beninoise who resides in Badagry area of Lagos State, said despite the fact that he has many girlfriends,
he has ten female dogs he usually had s*x with.

He revealed that he takes proper care of the dogs from his robbery loot.
Yayah was recently arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, led by Abba Kyari. One of his gang members, Hassan Ado, who was
arrested during a foiled robbery operation, implicated Yayah during interrogation.

It was Ado that took SARS to Yayah’s house in Badagary where he was arrested. On why he embarked on such act, he said it was his spiritualist who told him to sleep with dogs for
spiritual powers.

On whether it worked, he admitted that it worked and
added that if it was during a robbery operation it would have been impossible to arrest him.

Yayah admitted that he was a member of the gang that has been terrorizing people along Lagos-Badagary
expressway for years and said he regrets getting involved in robbery.
On how he joined robbery, he said it was Ado that
introduced him into robbery and ironically, he was the
same person that handed him over to the police. On whether his neighbours knew he was sleeping with
dogs, he said they thought that he was a lover of dogs,
not knowing he was using them for s*x.
Police said he would be charged to court after the conclusion of investigation.

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