Sell Your Votes, Risk Jail, Fayose Warns Workers

The Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has cautioned the state’s civil servants not to sell their votes to the All Progressives Congress on the election day.

He said the offer to buy votes could be a trick to arrest the workers and hand them over for prosecution by the Electoral Offences Tribunal

The governor warned that any worker caught taking money to vote for a particular candidate on the day of election would be on his own because the people offering the money might not be able to secure their freedom.

He urged the workers to vote and stay until result was announced and their preferred winner win the election.

Fayose gave the warning on Monday when he handed over promotion letters to civil servants at the Fajuyi Pavilion in Ado Ekiti.

Fayose told the workers, “Be very careful of the way you collect money to vote during the coming election. They will use money to entice you, but collecting such money at polling centres is an electoral offence.

“If you are caught and you are found culpable, you can be prosecuted and end up in jail.

“The security people will arrest you and you will be prosecuted at the electoral offences tribunal. Don’t allow them to rig the election, vote and stay there until the votes are counted.”

The governor added that he never sacked workers arbitrarily throughout his reign.

He reiterated his promise to either pay the backlog of workers’ salaries or reduce it to the barest minimum before leaving office.

Fayose added, “I ask for your support for Olusola (Eleka), come July 14. He is a visionary leader who will take over from me. He is one of us. I want to say we have only one state and we must preserve it.”

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