See The Types Of Passengers You Meet In Airline



1. The complainer: The passenger who demands a seat, snacks and drinks and constantly uses the call button.

2. The armrest hog also known as “The armrest dominator”, the passenger that feels its their right to share your armrest.

3. The couples: This includes “the family who’ve never flown before” or who rarely travel, they do not have their passports ready, cannot find their tickets and cannot lock the lavatory door or find the light switch.

4. The disease sharer: The passenger that most people dread sitting next to, especially if they do not cover their mouth while coughing, or sneeze all over your food and wipe their hand on their tray.

5. The drinker: The passenger who orders a cocktail as soon as the drink cart arrives, complains about the cost, drinks some more, and either ends up smashed, embarrassing themselves or sleep and snore loudly.

6. The easy-going passenger: Also known as “Mr. Easy going”, this type of passenger is the one who is considerate to fellow passengers and air attendants and who understands that bad weather can cause delays and that it is not anyone’s fault.

7. The ill-mannered: This is the type of passenger who ignores the instructions of the flight attendants and places their bags in the middle of the overhead compartments, and uses their phone even after the flight attendant has asked them to turn it off.

8. The luggage hog: The passenger who will do anything to avoid a checked bag and brings on too much hand luggage, or refuses to admit that their bag is too large to fit in the overhead compartment then complains that they cannot find a space and crushes everyone else’s possessions.

9. The odour offender: In the small, confined space of the cabin, smells often seem amplified. The offender is the passenger who has foul body odour as if they haven’t had a shower for weeks and do not believe in deodorant.

10. The oversized passenger: The constant downsizing of the plane and seats can cause real discomfort for fat passengers. They are required to take the armrest space and most of your personal space and force you against the window or into the aisle.

11. The recliner: The recliner or “The lounger”, also known as “The guy who still thinks it’s okay to recline in coach” is the passenger who even though they know everyone is cramped, still reclines their seat so that you cannot even go to the toilet.

12. The sleeper: The sleeper, also known as the “guy who snores the entire flight” is the passenger who is either snoring loudly next to you or using you as a pillow grin

13. The talker: The passenger who will continue to talk to you even when you have closed your eyes, put on your headphones, started your laptop or opened your book. grin

14. The techies: The techies include; the “gadget guy” or “smartphone addict” who insists that they are turning their phone off even though they are really texting; the “headphone wearer” who does not take their headphones off when the flight attendant is asking them a question and wonders why they cannot understand what they are being asked and the headphone wearer who plays their music so loud that all the other passengers can hear it.

15. The toilet goer: The toilet goers also known as “people with weak bladders”, are those who spend most of their time walking up and down the aisles to go to the toilet…lmao.

oya start confessing the category you belong to.


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