See The Question Basketmouth’s Wife Asked COZA Pastor After Denying Rape

Hours after COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo denied raping Busola Dakolo, Basketmouth’s wife,
Elsie Okpocha is asking him a very important question.

Read it below…

I’m not one to judge…
But A very simple question here…. Excuse me sir, @biodunfatoyinbo are you telling the world that Busola just woke up and cooked up this RAPE story?
Is that what you’re saying?
A married woman that’s in the public eyes and married to one of the most talented musicians in Africa is cooking the RAPE ALLEGATION against you?
Is that what you’re really saying
I’m sorry sir but you would have to come up with a smart response, until then…
We all stand against RAPE!!! @timidakolo @busoladakolo


  • @Basketmouth wife
    you feel you can ask the pastor silly questions when your dear timi dakolo wife could not speak up for almost 18years, why is she speaking out now

    from my own point of view, if the allegation is true, then i think busola dakolo as been blackmailing the pastor for 18years, collecting stuffs in the name of not implicating the pastor. then, she is speaking out now when she asked for what the pastor feels its too much to provide and then she let the cat out of the basket

    Shame on her

  • All of this whole fuss about rape now is because a Pastor is involved. But I wish that all of you stars will speak out so loud like this against the rape and killings under Buhari’s administration.

  • May your foolishness not lead u to your early grave,this man you all are insulting, was not called by you or your parents,this is a man of GOD,allegations from different angles will deffinatly arise,even in the Bible Jesus was accused,floged,an crucified,my heart Cry’s out for justice oh lord pls don’t let the world laugh at the body of Christ….. Heartbroken

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