See How 16-Year-Old Christian Girl Converted To Islam In Abuja (Photos)

Brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky witnessed how a 16-year-old Christian girl converted to Islam.


Shortly after the ceremony, Ifesinachi Anih gave an interview to Pointer Express correspondent in Abuja, in which she explained that her decision was in line with her belief. According to her, conviction in Islam is the only way mankind will get salvation.

Ifesinachi, who is SS2 student of Apo Resettlement Secondary School in Apo District of Abuja, hails from Okano local government of Enugu state.

She said that she notified her parent about the intention of conversion to Islam but they disagreed with her. The girl did not give up and made up her mind to choose the true religion.

On the faithful day, Ifesinachi woke up early in the morning, took a taxi and headed to National Mosque. Along the road, the girl saw two Muslim sisters in their Islamic attire. The driver stopped the car and introduced her to the sisters, so they went together to the venue of a thanksgiving program in honor of Hurras (Guards) of the Islamic Movement in Abuja Zone.

Ifesinachi chose Amatullahi as her new Islamic name and vowed to remain committed to the services of Islam in order to benefit from Allah’s blessing.



The decision of the 16-year-old girl to convert to Islam triggered mixed reactions among Nigerians. Some people alleged that the girl was forced to do it, while others noted that every person had a right to make his own decisions and no one should judge him.

“Freedom to choose any faith is good, but at the age of 16 years I doubt if she made the decision on her own and not influenced by someone.”

“So a 16-year-old girl who is still a minor and a dependent can convert to Islam and she will be accepted. Perhaps, the Sheik who accepted her conversion might be willing to tell us what will happen to her, should her parents decide to unleash their wrath on her. And should she be disowned, who is going to carter for her needs and education ( let it be known that marrying her off isn’t acceptable). 

“I look forward to the rest of this story because I know feeling and emotions will fly when the parents become involved because she’s still their daughter and any attempt to take her away from them is kidnapping,” Midolian noted.

We are bound by the decisions we make… It’s possible she has fallen in love with a Muslim guy and does this to show commitment,” Dhardline alleged.

“Even the Bible you claim to believe and follow diligently said love your neighbor as yourself and wish to others what you wish to yourself. And NEVER JUDGE ANYONE… It’s a pity you all call yourself a Christian but act like a pagan,”  Efilefun noted.

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