The Secret About My Affair With Edo State Governor, Dilish Mattews Confesses

Dillish Mathews suddenly became a celebrity when she won the 2013 edition of Big Brother Africa reality show. However, the doors of fame didn’t just open for her but it came with scandal especially an alleged affair with the Edo State governor once made headlines.
According to her,” Well, yes, I like his works, nothing else. He is now like a father to me. He had no idea who I was then when he hosted me and he has also hosted so many other pageants in Edo State, which was part of what attracted him to me.
“ Oh, I love Nigeria. I just finished my first Nollywood movie and hoping to do more jobs here in your country. It has been fun and cool working here in Nollywood. I love the warm reception here.”
Speaking on life as a BBA star, Dillish said
“I get lots of free stuff and more smiles from people. Sincerely, the love and support have been overwhelming and I hope and pray it continues to grow. It has opened a lot of doors for me and people are more willing to do business with me now and that’s important to me. You cannot quantify the gains of winning such a continental reality show.
“I can’t really go to certain places anymore. Don’t forget that stardom has its own challenges too. The important thing is for one to adapt and make appropriate changes in line with your new status,” she asserted.

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