How to say sorry if you don’t know how


How to Say “I Am Sorry” can be really, really hard. Learning how to say “I am sorry” doesn’t come easy for everyone. Swallowing your pride like that can be difficult – and trust me, I speak from experience. It’s not that I don’t know I’m wrong when I have an argument, disagreement, or fight with the Better Half, one of my family members, or my friends; it’s just that I don’t know how to admit it. If you need some help figuring out how to say “I am sorry” to the people you love, this should help.

One of the most important tips on learning how to say “I am sorry” involves accepting responsibility for whatever you’ve done. You have to recognize that what you did hurt someone you love. No excuses, no justifications, just accept that, be responsible for it.

 Take responsibility for what you’ve done. Don’t try and justify your actions by turning it around on him. An apology is making amends, not explaining your actions. Some things to say might include:

  • “I’m sorry I said the things I did. I was angry and I should not have said them. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”
  • “I’m sorry I hurt you. I was wrong to suggest what I did, especially given I didn’t understand how you felt/have all the facts before me. Please let’s try again.”

Have you ever felt sorry or felt guilty when you did something wrong with your friend or someone who you are close to? But you feel shy to speak out or don’t know how to react or start. Here we have some good tips to help you to say sorry 🙁 sounds funny but can help you very well ) 😉

  1. Review the situation and re think step by step as to which point when we did something wrong or made our friend or person who we love upset and we need to say sorry .This step will help you to go to the point.
  2. Write on paper that you will say sorry to your friend and arrange the idea and emotion of each step as well.
  3. Prepare yourself in front of the mirror to check your face, your mood and each act when you speak out, you should practice many times to make yourself not afraid (sounds funny but this step it’s very useful).
  4. Go to the point when you want to say sorry to your friend.
  5. You should not try to defend yourself or refer to other things or topics. Just say sorry and accept that you have done wrong to your friend. If we take other things to be reference or try to defend ourselves it will make your friend get more angry and maybe you can’t be friends any more.
  6. Share ideas and listen to each other
  7. Listen and admit to your friend the reasons and you should not get angry or feel moody as who we are trying to say sorry to is our friend.
  8. Propose ideas to help your friend forgive you or ask your friend how they can begin to forgive you. If your friend will still not forgive you, just do not give up and try again.

We can’t make all the people in this world love us because they are from different countries, different families, different cultures and different experiences – but one thing that we should keep and try to care and keep the best memory with our real friends. Then sometime when we say something wrong to your friend as you think it’s normal but with some people they don’t think the same way as you. To say sorry with a friend or someone who you love or whoever you care about when you do something wrong, do not need to be shy or think you will lose your face . If you are shy just try to read my tip maybe it will help you to recall good relations and will never lose your good and lovely friends!! Cheers..

Saying sorry isn’t gonna  kill, but help create a better relationship….Fashoyin Damilola



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