Robbers Involved In Accident While Trying To Escape


Nemesis caught up with two suspected robbers who stole a mobile phone, as they were involved in an accident while trying to escape.

Sunday Isiaka (22) and Tunde Segun (32) were arrested by the Lagos State Police command at Victoria Island, when their get-away motorbike hit a bus.
They had earlier stolen a lady’s handbag around Eko Hotel at 8:30 am on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

One of the suspects, Segun, said “Isiaka and I worked together. After we steal phones, we sell and share the proceeds. On Tuesday, we were on the motorcycle as usual and when we got to the bus stop, we saw the lady by the roadside.

“We snatched her phone and handbag and rode away. But we were unlucky because the motorcycle hit a bus. We fell down and were arrested. It was our third operation.”
His accomplice, Isiaka, denied knowing Segun saying “I work as a painter in Kwara State.

“I came to Lagos about 10years ago and I started working as a commercial motorcyclist in the Ajah area. I did not know Segun before that day. I was going home after the day’s work when he waved at me to take him to a place.

“I did not know that he was going there to steal.

“We were on the motorcycle on that day when he robbed the woman.

“He asked me to ride away quickly, but I hit a commercial bus and we were arrested by the police.”

A police source revealed that the duo have been on the watch list, adding that they specialise in robbing people with their motorbike.


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