Robbers Break Into Canteen To Steal Pots Of Soup

Residents of Adejonwo close, off Jonathan Coker road, Fagba area of Lagos State, were shocked on Tuesday morning when they were greeted with the cries from a canteen owner whose shop had been burgled and the thieves went off with her pots of soup.The Guardian reports that Testimony Kitchen was broken into and the thieves carted away coolers of soup, meat, rice and beans.

The owner of the canteen had prepared the soup and some food overnight for early callers the following day. To her shock, she resumed on Tuesday morning and discovered her shop was burgled.

She was so downcast and disoriented. Her customers, many who came to get food for their kids set for school, were also astonished.

Narrating the incident , a neighbour, Mrs. Ayodele Adebayo, said:

“I have witnessed four similar incidents in the past few weeks. People are hungry and what they have resorted to is breaking into people’s shop to steal foodstuff, soup and meat. If you catch them they will explain to you that they are hungry and have no other option.

The family who stole my co-tenant’s food was even asking whether they could still get more to eat. It is that bad. People are really hungry. Recession has only ended on the pages of newspapers.”



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