Riky Rick Scores Another Huge Endorsement Deal

Riky Rick Scores Another Huge Endorsement Deal

Riky Rick is making big moves and climbing up the ladder of success on a variety of sectors in the industry. Recently the rapper announced that he has officially partnered with Remy Martin cognac to “make history”.

Remy Martin is a brand of cognac established in French Founded in 1724 and produces different flavors across the world. They have over 6 bottling ranges including Rémy Martin Cellar Master Selection, Rémy Martin Centaure De Diamant, Rémy Martin Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau and Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal to mention a few. Overall the brand The brand specialises in Cognac Fine Champagne.

“Very proud to announce that Remy Martin and I have officially partnered up to create history  honored to be part of the family!!!!!!! #RemyProducersSA.” He wrote.

Speaking to Bruce on 702 he touched on how he is not just limited to Hip Hop.

“I have two lives. I’ve got the life of this hip hop character… there’s one side of me that’s a massive consumer… My worst consumption habit stems from fashion… it’s the fastest way to burn money.”

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