Rihanna Releases Single Artwork For “Stay” & “Pour It Up”

rihanna stay

It feels like Rihanna has released a new single every single month for the past seven years, so we were wondering why “Diamonds” was still the sole Unapologetic cut getting radio play.  Have no fear! Today (January 16) she made up for lost time, unveiling the cover art for her next two singles, “Stay” and “Pour It Up.” Both images look to be stylized versions of Instagram photos, with “Stay” showing her resting her head on what appears to be Chris Brown‘s shoulder. If you find that shocking at this point, well, you clearly don’t follow RiRi on Instagram.
But we have to wonder… Why not just release the Breezy collab as the single and get all the controversy out of the way in one grand statement? Alas, when you’re #unapologetic, you don’t have to answer questions like that. Anyway, head below to see Rihanna throwing a drink back for the “Pour It Up” cover.
rihanna pour it up

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