“Rihanna Is Pregnant” Trends On Twitter As Fans Notice A Bulge In Her Tummy


Twitter users seem to believe that Rihanna is expecting a child and it’s trending already as people are tweeting “Rihanna is pregnant”.

The singer was seen performing on stage along with Pharrell Williams at her charity ball last night and her tummy seemed bloated in a video shared online.

Also, Rihanna made a statement while on the red carpet of the 5th Diamond Ball that she was going to “give birth to a black woman.”

She said this while glorifying black women. She said she came from a black woman and will give birth to a black woman.

Her statement and the video of her tummy has people already rejoicing for her. But the singer hasn’t confirmed anything.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been rumoured to be pregnant, but, each time, it has proven to be false.


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