Revealed: Top 10 Lagos ‘419’ Tricks You Should Never Fall For

Here are 10 Lagos 419 tricks you must be wary of.

Visa Lottery

The desire to travel out of Nigeria in search of greener pasture is a weakness which fraudsters prey on. Visa lottery is one of the opportunities available to travel to America and Europe. Thesefraudsters open fake websites or adverts for Visa openings asking people to apply and pay a token. The string of payment begins when they inform you that you are close to securing a visa to the country of your choice. If you are not careful, you might end up paying more money than you would have if you were following the due process to secure a visa. At the end, the 419ers don’t even have any visa to provide.


Money Doubling
This trick involves being asked to provide any amount of money with the promise that the money would be doubled. The elaborate drama involves the supposed money doubler ‘successfully’ doubling the money provided by random persons. The idea is to get you interested especially if you are the greedy type. If you put in a little money and you get double the amount, you are likely to try with a bigger sum which is when you will be scammed.

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