[Revealed] 3 Fruits That Will Make You Last Longer In Bed During S£x

S£x-HEALTH-LASTING-RELATIONSHIP-696x391The easiest way to completely get rid of premature ejaculation is – A healthy diet + regular exercising + natural supplements.

It is as simple as that, part of having a clean and healthy diet is the fruits you take in. Most of us dont even take fruits at all except during fasting period (oranges and apple).

No man wants to be a one-minute man, we all want to last more than 30 minutes every time we have S£x.

Eating these 3 easy to find fruits boosts your libido and over all S£x performance.

1. Banana


Contains Bromelain, an enzyme that enhances libido and reverses impotency in . Asides from the pe.nis shape joke people often make with banana. It contains potassium, magnesium as well as other vitamins. Bananas not only serve as food for nutrition,they also help improve the production of hormones,increase energy level and help spice up S£xual desire.

They contain which helps in the production of red blood cells, dopamine and serotonin.

2. Water Melon

I use to hear about this growing up but never for once took the claim serious until few years ago. Although this fruit is low in calorie, it contains a significance of phyto-nutrients that could boost libido and stamina. It contains citrulline, lycopene and beta-carotene. Citrulline is converted to Arginine, an amino acid that increases citric oxide levels in the body. This helps relax the blood vessels in similar ways Viagra works you can call it natural viagra, this is also good for cardiovascular muscles.

Water melon is a natural enhancement for boosting S£x drive; the seeds contain magnesium which has aphrodisiac effects on the consumer thereby increasing libido and stamina.

3. Avocado

Avocados contain lots of potassium which improves stamina as well as it increases blood flow. When blood flows and rushes into the S£xual organ, the desire to have S£x is increased. The avocado tree is sometimes called the Testicle Tree because of the fruit’s shape when compared to the human testicles and it growing in pairs.

Avocados also support healthy cardiovascular system and help in the regulation of blood sugar; thus they are safe to consume. Avocados are high in folic acid which would help increase sperm count in .‎

Goodluck to you all.

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