Retirement Not For Me – DJ Jimmy Jatt


Veteran DJ, jimmy jatt has been a master at the wheels of steel for a long time. He even told Saturday Beats he became a disc jockey when he was just 16 years old. But more than three decades after, Jatt said he is not retiring, not even anytime soon.

“Age is not telling on me and it has to do with the grace of God. Anytime I plan to slow down, something big happens. I have never considered retiring because as an entertainer, you never stop. I mean, look at the likes of King Sunny Ade who is old enough to be my father, if he is still active on stage, then who am I to think about retirement?” said the disc jockey.

The entertainer is also known to have a strong passion for his family and kids. And in these days when most parents are quite apprehensive about their young children’s use of social media and even monitor them, jimmy jatt told Saturday Beats that he trusts his children so much to monitor them.

“I don’t monitor my children on social media. I try to be the best dad that I can be, so I let them be. I don’t monitor them because I feel I have done my best as a parent. Besides, I know the kind of kids that I have. I did not say I do not follow them on social media but I do not tag them on my posts because I do not want everyone on my page to know about my family,” he said.


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