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The word is greatly misused and misunderstood. It is quite understandable because sometimes, it is difficult to describe.
Philosophers, psychologists and scientists have endless definitions of . Some say it is a force of nature, a complex set of emotions, a strong desire specifically regarding sexual desires.

People give up on because of how other people treated them. They end up terming as ‘wicked’. should not be defined by peoples behavior.

is friendship. is comprise. is forgiveness. is understanding. is a decision. is strength. is believing. is fearless. is action. is selfless. is secure. is action. is beautiful. is so much.

is not settling for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself. is not forcing your feelings on anyone. is not beauty or wealth. is not one-sided. is not fantasy. is not walking away from everyone who doesn’t serve you because you expect a perfect relationship. is not all smooth, it has the ‘what ifs’, and ‘in spite ofs’.


People fall in love in mysterious ways. Love happens even when you are not aware. Love happens to a broken heart. Love happens at first sight. Love heals hurting hearts. Love is so much. Love is…

Love is accepting people’s habits that can be annoying and sometimes impossible to love. Love is sticking to your promise even when you have disagreements. Love is facing reality. Love is being committed to that one person. Love is making deliberate efforts to make it work even when you no longer feel a connection. Love is expecting nothing in return( unconditional love). Love ever gives, never lies and never revenges itself.

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