Relationship Tips: How To Understand A Man’s Mind And His Motivation [Must Read For All Ladies]

Women hardly understand a man’s mind and his motivation.

When he spends so much time working, barely has time to talk or make plans of marriage or starting a family, she gets bothered and suspects he is cheating or Wonders if she’s not good enough. It’s not always about you, honey!

The pressure on a man magnifies with growth. He has to focus and pursue his dreams. It is encoded in a man’s DNA that he has to be a provider. A man wants to feel like he is number one. He wants bragging rights, things to show off. He cannot achieve this by fantasizing moments with you.

A man’s mind is designed differently from a woman’s mind. Men are not multitaskers. They like to have a single focus at a time. So, if he set to make something of himself, I’m sorry you’re not going to be his priority. He prefers to make preparations before making big steps.

So what do you do?
Find your balance. Don’t be so demanding. Be sincere with yourself, you would be happier with a made man. If you can, get something doing so you dont have much idle hours.

Contribute to his life. Show him your value is beyond beauty. Ask what his plans are and proffer advice.

Be his peace. When he gets home, be a lady. Don’t nag or give him rude treatment. Welcome him, ask questions about his day and make him feel relaxed. Later on, you can say what you wish to in a polite way.

Remember he is different. He’s not you, so he can’t love like you. Trying to change him will only get him frustrated Rather, try to understand him.

Note; This is just one possible reason why he is distant.


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