Reasons Why I Will Never Kiss Again — Popular Actor Adjetey Annan


Adjetey Annan

Adjetey Annan

Popular Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Annan, better known as ‘Pusher’ has revealed that he will no longer kiss in movies anymore.

Imagine how interesting is this hope can be in a movie industry that parades most of the finest actresses and lovely damsels a man will always wish to have as a close friend or wife material.

While making the revelation on Joy Prime’s popular celebrity talk show ‘Autograph,’ he explained that the decision is what he has made a long time ago but is yet to be believed by his female actress who have continued to make several attempts to kiss him during rehearsals.

Pusher had suggested that kissing in movies should be faked to prevent actors from contracting the deadly Ebola disease.

“These are different times in the country so whatever we are facing, we need to find ways and means of going around it to make our industry healthier. There is a need for us not really to kiss, but to fake it, we should make it believable with the help of camera angle,” he said.

The actor who became popular with popular soap opera, ‘Things We Do For Love,’ a series that took the Ghanaian television industry by storm in the early 2000’s, is married to Elorm, where they have a kid together.


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