Reasons Why Lagos Is Better Than Abuja

Whether a person will find it better to live in Lagos or Abuja is entirely a personal thing. One can’t really say that Lagos is better or that Abuja is better. It depends on the person’s choice, and choices do vary a whole lot.
Both cities have been Nigeria’s capital. Lagos was once before the capital was changed to Abuja in 1991, and both cities have a manageable upkeep of their social amenities and infrastructures as compared to other states or cities in the country. For me, I think I would prefer to pick Lagos. Personally, Lagos is better to live in.

I’ll tell you why?
Lagos state has top security measures in place than in any other state in the whole of Nigeria. The past and present regime of Government has made Lagos a very habitable place in terms of the structuring of the economy and plans in easing congestion and transportation issues.

Also is the recent improvement on the security in the state. A recent emergency response team have been inaugurated who are very professional and diligent in their duties. It will be a big doubt if Abuja has it in security up to half of what Lagos has. Coupled with the fact that Lagos has very good infrastructures in place to allow for the security teams to do their jobs super well. Lagos is surely that place to live.

Apart from security, the social activities in Lagos is another pedestal. If you want a quiet place to live in, you can pick Abuja. It will be better. However, don’t even think of picking Lagos if you want peace and quiet.
You know why?
Lagos is the definition of ‘Excitement’. So yes, you want a place where there is unbridled fun and unlimited excitement, Lagos is the sure place to be.

In terms of transportation and business activities, the migration of people in out of Lagos of through cheap flights available everywhere around makes Lagos that dream place to live and run a business. The residents with amazing cultural diversity makes the State a perfect location for growth personally and financially.
There are more jobs in Lagos because there are more businesses being set up in this city. Therefore, whether you are in search of a job, or you are looking to start a business, Lagos is your best bet.

Abuja has too sparse a population probably a bit over 3 million people and the fact that it is run in a. Can you compare that to Lagos with over 21 million people? Definitely not!
Although, both Lagos and Abuja can be quite expensive to live in. It seems Lagos might be a bit cheaper.
Also, both have enough recreational centers for you to have lots of fun and relaxation, so whether you are in Lagos or Abuja, there are places for you to have fun outside the comforts of your house. Lagos has the advantage of the Atlantic Ocean all around it. Due to this, it has a lot of beaches which are main tourist destinations for people visiting Lagos. Abuja doesn’t have such. Does it?

Whether you choose to live in Lagos or Abuja, it’s a matter of choice! But from what you can draw from the above, would you prefer a location where you can be anything you want to be to a place where you live in civility and serenity? From a pivotal point of view, Lagos seems like a way better choice of place to live in.
You know now which to choose. The choice is yours. Wait a minute though, you might even intent to try out which is better if you are in Lagos and intend to spend some time at the capital city of Nigeria. Just book your flight from Lagos to Abuja and come back to tell your story!

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