Prophet T.B Joshua Is In Hell And Crying For A Second Chance – 5-Year-Old Girl Who Died And Resurrected Reveals

The late Nigerian Prophet, J.B Joshua who died a month ago is said to be languishing in hellfire and begging God for a second chance but it’s too late.

Nigerian Facebook evangelist, Victor Edet revealed on social media that Prophet T.B Joshua has not gotten eternal rest in peace but he’s rather suffering in hellfire.

According to him, the revelation comes after a 5-year-old girl who died and resurrected narrated that she saw J.B Joshua in hell.

The little girl revealed that her spirit came out of her body and she saw a man in white apparel, the man took her to a place where she saw Prophet T.B Josuah in hellfire.

The little girl revealed in her low tone voice that J.B Josuah is suffering, crying and begging God for a second chance, but it’s too late.


THIS Little Girl was terribly sick, her parents tried to make her whole again but she lost the battle and gave up the Ghost, She’s around 5yrs old. But God sent her back to Life after Intensive Prayers were Made by her Parents and Pastor.

According to the Little Girl, She Testified and Said in her little Voice, When I died my Spirit came out from my body, I saw a man putting on white, his name is Jesus. He took me to Hell Fire, I saw Prophet T.B Joshua in Hell Fire, he was crying and begging God for a Second Chance but Jesus said, No.


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