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Jay Naize (pronounce J-Nice) aka Bonomaster hit the music scene at the age of 9 rapidly moving into featuring on a radio and TV show “No Hide Your Talent”
He recorded his first single in his teens rapping and creating a unique hip hop high life mix that has continued to wow fans and peers worldwide.
After releasing his single ‘You No Dey Try’ , Jay Naize was signed on by a manager and went on to record ‘ Da Joint Breaker’ alongside Smoky, Acid and Jerreman.
Following the conclusion of his higher education, he relocated and he is currently in Madrid, Spain where he continues to record music, produce music and he has continued relentlessly playing in the public arena at shows, gigs, private functions and events.
Jay Naize has released Bonoloto, Afuruniganya,Time over Time,My way,My Baby hit singles all part of several hot jams. He is due to release on his new album which shall be released shortly and with his impressive stage presence, resonant voice and ability to roll off lyrics that leave novices feeling like they are grappling with tonguetwisters, Jay Naize demonstrates talent that promises to deliver again and again.


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