The more famous a celebrity is,the harder it is to reach him.this is not because they ditch their phones or close their email addresses.NO, it is simply because as their fame increases, the more projects they
take on and therefore,the less free time they have.five year ago,getting in touch with  Oluwaseyi,stage name is Apex would simply be a matter of one phone call, and volla!recently, as a result of his
increasing popularity,the singer’s schedule is packed with obligations from january to december.
He has done 6 recorded songs with different famous producers like k solo, soso,scopes and terry G.apex just drop his new fist hit single called ” StRONG ft joe el ” joe el is an artiste understand  kennis music.Dis single also got a video on the block too..Apex is taking over the music seen…
Apex is also planning to work with a lot of top artist in the industry..

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