[Press ►]: Martino elcasino – Bandana | @tino_elcasino

After killing the Popular ISÈ YÉN by SARS on the Beat with over 120,000 downloads, followed by the PEACE song BringBAckOUrGirls which had a massive airplay and was rated one of the best. Martino also featured on the Trending  ” #StopMakingWackRappersFamous alongside terrythaRapman, Kel, Dustin Truce” .  Now Decided to hit his Fans wit another Trillin banger BANDANA. the Bandana Has bin his thing since Secondary School days in FGC Ganye;

MarTino Elcasino chooses to make the Bandana a tool for sorting out street issues amicably. The Bandana can be of ANY COLOUR to signify unity among all young men and women(with disregard to tribe, race or religion. Take it from the latest and hottest ‘Aboki’ in the Game. Enjoy! MPR Entertainment …


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