Possible ‘BEEF’ between Jay Z & Kanye West



Rumors have been circulating about the Jay Z/Kanye West relationship since Jay’s absence from Kanye West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian in May.

According to sources close to the duo, Jigga was even asked by Ye to be the best man.

The rumors were further fueled by Kanye’s performance at the Austin’s X Music festival where he left out Jay Z’s name from his song lyrics in 3 tracks where the rapper was originally mentioned. But the feud is apparently even deeper. According to UK Daily Star,

While many are speculating that Mr West is still fuming about the wedding snub, we hear the feud escalated over another matter. Apparently it was Jay who got annoyed because Kanye recently tried to offer marital advice, after wrongly assuming he and Bey were on the rocks following Lift-gate.

US sources told us: “Jay thought it was laughable that Kanye was trying to give him tips when he’s only been hitched two minutes.

“His jaw dropped to the ground when he got the call.

“Kanye said he thinks Jay needs to stay focused on his marriage, ignore the negativity surrounding them right now and told him to ‘take care of business’.

“Despite the fact Jay agreed with the sentiment, he thought it was ridiculous that Kanye was trying to act like he knew it all.”


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