Popular Nigerian Comedians Sam & Song, Who Are Best Friends Jointly Propose To Their Girlfriends At Abuja Airport


Two Nigerian comedians, DSam and Song proposed to their long time girlfriends at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, two days ago.

Of course they were in shock and both said yes! More photos and some fan reactions below.,..

Dany Onye Why won’t she say yes. Where do they see husband diz days if u manage see someone who ask u will u marry me and u think she will say no? I haven’t seen any woman that says no to a man’s proposal unless in nollywood films.

Tonye Deinte Young-Itiye Congrats to both of them. I want to believe those ladies stayed with them from the beginning . It’s always a blessing when your woman believes in you and stands by you until the very end. Most guys won’t be appreciative but it pays to pray and support him from his humble beginning. Congrats to the beautiful ladies God bless your new stage in life

Eunice Okwari Wow Congratulations this is so sweet.. And now that you guys are doing collabo in everything.. Please when you marry your wives the same day.. Let the bond of love continue oo don’t allow any one of them make you people go your separate ways ooo If you doubt me ask psquare and Mugabe…


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