Poor Father of Twins Collapse After Hearing His Wife has Given Birth to Triplet (Photo)


There was drama at Narok County Referral Hospital when a 28-year-old man collapsed upon receiving news that his wife and mother of their twins had just delivered three more bouncing babies.
Francis Gitau, who was already struggling to keep up reportedly lost consciousness when his 30-year-old wife, Jacinta Mwihaki, shared the goodnews that she had given birth to triplets.

Speaking to reporters after the incident at the Narok-based health facility, Gitau revealed his biggest worry was how he was going to feed five mouths with a meager income.

The now father of five said as much as he was excited about the babies, considering it a blessing from heaven, his main concern was on raising the kids in the wake of skyrocketing cost of living.

When you were doing it, it was sweet, Now babies here and your collapsing, Lol.


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