Poe – Slow It Down ft Funbi (Prod. By Ikon)

Just after two weeks from releasing the remix of his hit and nominated single ‘Ko Ye Won’Poe drops a new single, ‘Slow It Down’ which is a seamless fusion of highlife, palm wine music and hip-hop. Brilliantly crafted by Syndik8 heavyweight producer, Ikon, it adheres to no rules, moving freely between harmonic guitar riffs and heavy percussions with grace and fluidity. The song features Funbi, who effortlessly and beautifully delivers the hook, imploring us to ‘take it slow’ and listen

Considering the events that have faced Nigeria, and Africa as a whole this past year, this message could not come at a better time. ‘Slow It Down’ encourages us all to consider a more deliberate pace of life and to appreciate the enjoyable yet ephemeral moments that are often lost in the daily ‘hustle and bustle’ Although, very different from his previous singles, we see Poe deliver his unique brand of witty, engaging and meaningful lyrics, which perfectly complements the song’s lush musical composition. ‘Slow It Down’ will certainly appeal to music lovers of all generations.

 Poe – Slow It Down ft Funbi (Prod. By Ikon) [DOWNLOAD]

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