[Photos]: Tiwa Savage’s Album Listening Party


The countdown to Tiwa’s album launch ‘’ scheduled to take place next month has begun with an album listening party in Lagos.
who is Marvin’s crew only female artist invited a selection of celebrities and media to listen first hand to the 19 tracks of her album.

A representative of Pepsi to which Tiwa is a brand ambassador disclosed that her contract with the company has been extended by two years. Everyone is proud of .

Here are the pictures from the event.

IMG_5124 IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5393 IMG_5398 IMG_5400 IMG_5403 IMG_5405 IMG_5412 IMG_5416 IMG_5418 IMG_5421 IMG_51071 IMG_51111 IMG_51141 IMG_51161 IMG_51191 IMG_51261 IMG_51311 IMG_51341 IMG_51371 IMG_51391 IMG_51431 IMG_51481 IMG_51501 IMG_51521 IMG_51531 IMG_51551 IMG_51561 IMG_51591 IMG_51601 IMG_51621 IMG_51641 IMG_51661 IMG_51681 IMG_51701 IMG_51741 IMG_51751 IMG_51771 IMG_51821 IMG_51851 IMG_51871 IMG_51891 IMG_51911 IMG_51951 IMG_51991 IMG_52001 IMG_52051 IMG_52071 IMG_52121 IMG_52151 IMG_52181 IMG_52251 IMG_52291 IMG_52301 IMG_52411 IMG_52511 IMG_52741 IMG_52771 IMG_52831 IMG_52931 IMG_52951 IMG_53001 IMG_53031 IMG_53071 IMG_53121 IMG_53141 IMG_53171 IMG_53191 IMG_53211 IMG_53241 IMG_53291 IMG_53361 IMG_53371 IMG_53391 IMG_53421 IMG_53441 IMG_53471 IMG_53521 IMG_53541 IMG_53791 IMG_53801 IMG_53841 IMG_53861IMG_52931 IMG_52951 IMG_53001 IMG_53291 IMG_52251 IMG_51951 IMG_51991 IMG_52001 IMG_52051 IMG_52071 IMG_52121 IMG_52151 IMG_52181 IMG_52831 IMG_52771 IMG_52741

Photo Credit: 360Nobs
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