[Photos]: Ice Prince Wows Fans at FOZ Album Listening Gig in South Africa



When Ice Prince dropped the Fire of Zamani album in October, it trended 4-days in a row on Twitter and was hugely embraced and celebrated by fans and music lovers across Africa.

Consequently, the album was given a befitting launch on November 23rd at the reputable Eko Hotel in Lagos.

With the likes of Olamide, Sunny Neji, Dr. Sid, Don Jazzy staging dope performances, the mammoth crowd that gathered at the venue surely had a night to remember.

It is evident that Ice really worked hard on the album for the quality of what he produced.

Needless to mention the post-production tours and pre-launch rehearsals he did…Ice went on media tours to the extent that he was fatigued at some point as a result of the overwhelming attention his sophomore album received.

Wait…the fire did not stopped burning, spreading all the way to South Africa. Ice Prince delivered to his S.A fans goody goody “bags” that kept them screaming for more as part of his pre-Channel O awards activities.

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