[Photo Story]: Nigeria, Through The Eyes Of an Indian Photojournalist “Devesh Uba”

is an Indian Photojournalist in Lagos, Nigeria. He decided to share some of his lovely street-shots with us and you our readers. Check them out below, along with a short piece from Devesh; Devesh 1 I come from the desert state of India called Rajasthan. My hometown is the state capital Jaipur, also known as ‘the pink city’. Over the years Rajasthan has provided awe-inspiring shots and inspiration to world’s finest photographers. It is no surprise therefore, it is one of the most photographed places in India. I came to Lagos a couple of months ago with a lot of excitement and bag full of camera gear. Once I landed here and got settled, I began exploring Lagos city with my camera. I was instantly hooked to the hustle and colors of this African metropolis! There is so much to see and capture in Lagos but unfortunately not many photographers are doing it. I joined the Nigeria community on Flickr but was disappointed with the lack of activity. devesh-2 I decided to start a blog for my Nigerian photos to showcase that this country is so much more than scams and crimes. In just a couple of months, my blog has close to two hundred followers which I believe is a positive (and humble) start. The first few people I photographed in Lagos would say “Snap it, Oga” when I was looking at them through my viewfinder. The name stayed on and I named my blog ‘Snap It Oga’! Then in September I saw some pictures from Lagos uploaded by an American photojournalist Nate Minor. It was really good to see a foreign photographer coming to Nigeria, taking wonderful shots on streets of Lagos and Abuja and sharing it online. These pictures now are online and are accessible to everyone using internet. Over time I have seen a few more photographers coming to Lagos and sharing pictures online. I believe this is something Nigeria really needs at this moment. devesh-3Pictures from Nigeria highlighting the warmth, smiles and spirit of people will go a long way in creating a positive impact about the country. South Africa has already adopted this strategy and is reaping the benefits. The favorable impression will benefit the Nigerians and the country in the long term. Nigerians should put up their best smile and say “Snap It Oga” the next time they see some photographer making pictures in their country. devesh-4 You would agree with us that these are lovely pictures, if you would like to see more of his pictures on Nigeria, you can check out ’s blog via this link http://snapitoga.tumblr.com Also, you can check out his instagram page via http://instagram.com/snapitoga

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