Photo Story – “Danfo” The Symbol of Lagos (By Devesh Uba)


Danfo is clearly the symbol of Lagos. I think these yellow buses resonate with the spirit of the Lagos city. These VW vans are always in hustle, moving people from one part of the mega-city to another. The conductors often standing out, feeling the Lagos wind on their faces. I have also heard the song ‘I am a Danfo driver’ and I quite like it. I have no doubts, if you look Lagos from heavens it will look all yellow 🙂

About : Devesh is a photography enthusiast from India who loves doing street-photography. Devesh is doing photography for over a decade now and he loves telling stories through his pictures.
He is also an independent film maker and social media marketing professional. His Nigerian photoblog is titled ‘Snap It Oga’ and is getting a lot of eyeballs!
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