[PHOTO] Meet the schoolgirl with hair 3ft 4in long

Katy White has only had three haircuts in her entire life.

The 12-year-old Welsh schoolgirl is 4ft 11in tall with hair nearly at her knees.

Her mother, Barbara, spoke of the unique issues her daughter faces: ‘It may be beautiful but it can also be pretty deadly, she practices the martial art Choi Kwang Do, and to do that we have to put her hair in a plait. 

‘The only problem is that when she spins, her hair whips round, and people have to move out of the way. It’s like a secret weapon.’

It takes the pupil at Amman Valley Comprehensive in Carmarthenshire an hour to wash her hair and another just to dry it.

While her 3ft 4in long locks are very impressive for a such a young girl but she has a long way to beating the current Guinness world record holder, Asha Mandela with her 55ft long dreadlocks.

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