PDP lost Lagos because Abuja politicians misled Jonathan – Bode George


A former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olabode George has revealed that his party was at the verge of winning the last governorship election in Lagos State, but for the activities of some Abuja politicians who deceived former President, Goodluck Jonathan.

This was as he called on PDP members to close ranks, and stop trading blames over the party’s loss in the 2015 presidential election. He urged them to start strategizing with a view to returning the party to power in 2019.
Stressing that the PDP almost won Lagos
State in the April election, George told Saturday Sun that Jonathan and the party leaders in Abuja fell to the claim by some people in Abuja who gave them the impression that they were the ones who can deliver Lagos.

His words, “One joker in Lagos State told Jonathan that he has Lagos State under his armpit and that he would single-handedly deliver Lagos State to PDP. Unfortunately, Jonathan
lis­tened to these liars and manipulators. These elements took advantage of Jonathan’s good nature. He trusted them, but these congenital liars betrayed Jonathan. If our “party leaders had listened to us, things would not have turned out that way. These people deceived Jonathan and messed up, hoping they want­ed to go back into government as ministers. Their action led to Jimmy Agbaje’s defeat.”

While insisting that all hope is not yet lost for the PDP, he expressed optimism that the party will bounce back in 2019, assuring that Lagos State will be one of the states to be won by the opposition party.

“I’m sure former President Goodluck Jonathan will someday in his memoir write about his experience with those liars, the roles they played in his campaign for re-election during the 2015 presidential election. Many liars took ad­vantage of Jonathan’s good nature,” he added.

SOURCE: Dailypost.ng

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