How My Pastors Transferred Church Money Into Their Private Accounts, Rev Paul Emeka Confesses

Rev Paul Emeka

The Assemblies of God Church has been facing challenges with its embattled General Superintendent, Rev. Paul Emeka, the man has come out to expose some of his pastors.

He said “ There is no place in the constitution that if a man is stubborn you suspend him. I do not know what they mean that I am stubborn and egocentric. In everything I do, I carry them along. There is no reason for me to act alone since I represent the church.

This is a frivolous accusation.

Perhaps, all the problems started when I insisted that certain things that were not being handled properly in the church should be re-addressed. For instance, the Assembly press which has been run for many years does not have an account.

“I insisted there must be proper rendering of account. Another thing is that some money belonging to the church was being put in some private bank accounts and I made it known that things like this cannot continue in the church.

“There is a group of individuals in the church who feel they can transfer church money into their private bank accounts. I spoke out against these ones and they raised their eyebrows at my objection to their putting church money in a personal bank account.

“They committed coup in the church and they are happy. There is one of them called Chidi Okoroafor who behaves like a military commander in the Assemblies of God –they don’t want peace at all.

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